Property Crimes
in Texas

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Texas Law Takes Property Crimes Very Serious

The Most Common Crime is Property Crimes

Property crimes in Texas include many types of infractions and varying degrees of legal consequence. There are cases when the notion of intent can result in charges, such as a burglary, which only requires unlawful entry with the intent to commit a crime. Indeed, property crimes range from petty theft to stealing automobiles, with many things in between.

What Is Considered a Property Crime in Texas?

In many Texas cities like Mansfield or Austin, property crimes consist of many common crimes that relate to the theft or destruction of someone else's property. The most common types of property crimes involve burglary, arson, vandalism, shoplifting, and robbery.

What Are the Penalties for Committing Property Crimes?

Just as there are many different types of property crime in Texas, there are many different penalties, ranging from misdemeanors to felonies. Penalties can also be impacted by a person's criminal history, as well as the amount of damage that was done and can be severe if death or serious injury has occurred during the crime.

How Do You Defend Yourself from Property Crime Charges?

A criminal defense attorney may be needed for larger property crimes and representation is always a good idea. Defendants can challenge evidence and the process used by police and investigators to uncover it. They could also plead that they were under some intoxicating agent, like drugs or alcohol. There is also an entrapment defense, in which the defendant claims that the plaintiff staged and managed the incident to lure him to commit a crime.

The Texas Justice System is Well-Prepared to Prosecute Property Crimes

Who Can Be Charged with Property Crimes in Texas?

Anybody can be charged with a property crime in Texas, just as long as law enforcement is able to match one's actions to any of the many property crime statutes. What might be cloudy or confusing to a person who doesn't think that they are doing anything criminal is often clearer to the powers that be who have full knowledge of the law.

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